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June 15th
10:10 PM

Punish Me *Harry Styles Mature One Shot*

“Get in the car.” Harry demanded, his grip tightening on my arm as he opened the door to his Range. 
“No. Let go of me, I’m having fun.” 
The rain pounded on my skin, soaking through my skin tight dress but I was too stubborn to move.
“I said get in the fucking car now.”
I could see the vein in Harry’s neck rise with anger as he pushed me into the passenger seat, slamming the door behind. My heart was racing.
“Why are you so jealous? It’s not like we’re married.” 
Harry’s eyes darted to me as he started up the engine.
“You’re mine.” He hissed.
“I’m nobody’s. I can do what I want.” I threw back at him, folding my legs to tease him with the extra bit of thigh I was revealing.
“You belong to me and you know it.” 
Harry’s hand roamed slowly over my bare thigh, edging its way under the hem of my dress. I brushed his hand away.
“Get your hands off of me. Just take me home.” 
“Don’t you dare fucking talk to me like that.” Harry hissed.
“And you don’t fucking talk to me like that either! I don’t know who you think you are.” I screamed back at him, my body trembling with rage. 
“Look at me.” He hissed sharply, as his hand pulled my chin to face him. “You make me so fucking angry, Layla. I just want too…”
He stopped himself.
“Want to what?”
“Want to punish you. To make you pay.”
“You want to hit me? If you want to hit me, go ahead. Get it out of your system.” 
I looked intently at him, I could never read him but it never stopped me trying. 
“I don’t want to hit you, Layla. I was thinking more along the lines of…”
Without finishing his sentence, Harry unzipped his jeans all the while staring at the road ahead.
“No way. You can’t talk to me like shit and then expect me to suck your dick.”

“Don’t act like you don’t love it when I treat you like the dirty girl you are.” 
“I’m not a d-“

I was interrupted by Harry’s hand shooting straight up my dress, rubbing his fingers over my bare pussy.
“No underwear? You’re a very bad girl, Layla. Very bad. Now suck it.” 
My body tingled with excitement as I bent over to the driver’s side of the car. My hand wrapped barely around Harry’s massive cock. I used my tongue piercing to tease him, gently licking up and down the shaft before licking circles on the head. 
“Don’t fucking tease me right now, I need you to suck it.” Harry groaned in frustration, his demands turning me on either more.
I obliged immediately, I began sucking, my plump red lipstick stained lips moving up and down on his shaft in a fast motion. 
“You love sucking my cock, don’t you? You’re so fucking good at it.” Harry gripped hold of my hair, pushing my head down. I took him into my mouth fully; his hardness hit the back of my throat every time I went down. I couldn’t help but gag, he was huge, this excited him even more. 
Suddenly the car swerved to the left and came to a stop. 
“Get out.” Harry ordered, his face laced with beads of sweat.
“What the hell? It’s pouring with rain outside!” 
“I said get out of the car. NOW!” 
I didn’t argue I knew I couldn’t win; Harry’s temper was vicious. I quickly hurried out of the car and stood by the side of the road my arms folded, shivering. Harry jumped out of his seat and ran round to me. 
“What did I do wrong?” 
“I haven’t finished punishing you yet.”
“You want to punish me by letting me catch pneumonia?” My voice was trembling with a mixture of excitement, anxiety and cold. 
Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me with him, stopping infront of the bonnet of his car. With one quick swoop he lifted me up and sat me on the bonnet. 
“Harry I’m soaked!” I moaned.
“You will be.” He replied, spreading my legs, positioning himself between them. Still hard from my expert mouth work, Harry rubbed his dick over my slit, I moaned softly with pleasure. With one quick movement, Harry thrust into me causing my body to jerk forward through a mixture of pleasure and pain. I gripped hold of his shoulders as he began pounding hard, lifting my legs so my heels rested on the car, his dick getting deeper and deeper. 
“Tell me how much you love my dick.” Harry groaned, his voice breaking through pants. 
“I love your dick.” I mumbled softly, trying to suppress a major urge to scream in pleasure.
“Tell me who’s the best.” 
“You’re the best, Harry. Oh fuck, you’re the best.”
I barely finished my sentence before I came harder than ever before. I bit down hard on Harry’s neck as ripples of pleasure pulsed through my body. As I tightened around him, Harry thrust in two more times, I felt his legs shake as he emptied himself inside of me, his body collapsing forward onto me. 
“You know, if that’s the punishment I get, I might piss you off more often.” I joked as Harry slowly pulled out of me.
“You always find a way.” 
Harry lifted me off of the car and carried me into the passenger’s seat before he got into the drivers. 
“I meant what I said before, Layla. You’re mine. You will always be mine just as I will always be yours. Always.” I looked at him, I’d never seen him show this much emotion before. 
“Always.” I echoed.
Harry lifted my hand and kissed it gently.
“Now let’s get you home, princess.” 

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