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September 18th
9:17 PM

The Boss.

"Nice dress. Take it off." The simplicity of the demand shocked her yet it aroused an excitement inside of her she hadn’t felt for a while.
“What? No way we have work to do…oh…we have to…oh god.” His hands dove straight to her most sensitive places; his fingers performing tricks that made her forget how to speak.
“I will tell you once more. Take. It. Off.” His husky voice tickled the back of her neck as he stood right behind her.
“And if I don’t?” Her eyes closed as she felt his nose brush against the skin of neck, goose bumps rising all over her body. She was desperate to hold on to the little control she always had over him but failing miserably, as she always seemed to around him. 
“If you don’t then…” Harry pulled the straps of her dress down in one tug; Sasha gasped as the cool air of the room hit her.
“Now you can either do this the easy way…” His hot breath tickled her ear as he whispered into it. “Or the hard way.” 
As the harshly toned words rang in her ear, he rocked his hips forward to ensure she felt his early excitement, describing the word ‘hard' with a feeling. 
“Are you going to be a good girl, Sasha?” He questioned, fumbling with expertise at her bra clasp. There was no doubt in her mind that he would have it off with no trouble in seconds.
“We can’t…we…” Sasha’s sentence was disrupted by Harry ripping off her bra, leaving her topless. Harry’s hands glided over her ample breasts, he cupped them both as he tweaked both nipples.
“Now now, Sasha. You know I don’t like being told what I can’t do…” He kissed her neck lightly; she almost buckled at the knees. “Especially when it is so obvious that we both want the same thing.”
His hands gently drew the dress further down without her knowledge; it landed around her ankles leaving her stood in only her tiny red panties.

“Mmm, red. My favourite colour.”
“We can’t…it’s wron-” Her pretence was broken as Harry pulled her silk underwear to the side, allowing his fingers to gain access to the place he most wanted. 

Harry decided he had heard enough of her fake protesting, a hand clasped over her mouth to silence her was the only thing that held her upright as he ran his middle finger slowly over her already moist slit, she whimpered at his touch.
“Tell me we can’t again…” His gruff voice groaned in her ear.
“We have to g-“
Harry stopped her muffled sentence by pushing a finger inside of her, she gasped and he knew he had her weakened instantly. Pushing another finger inside of her, he allowed his thumb to circle her clit.
“Oh, Sasha…I knew I turned you on but I didn’t know it was this much.”
She could only whimper a reply as Harry intensified her pleasure, still holding her upright with his hand placed over her mouth from behind. The throbbing bulge in his work trousers ached for attention.
“If I remove my hand will you behave?” Sasha nodded; she could hear the excitement in his voice and she was desperate to see what he had planned next.

As soon as Harry took away his hand he spun her around to face him and pushed her roughly against the wall. He stood back a little for a moment, studying her body as he bit his lip with intrigue. 

“Off.” He motioned to her panties; she obliged quickly taking them off.
“You’re a naughty girl for keeping a body this good hidden away from me for so long, Sasha.” Excitement pulsed through her body at every mention of her name. “Especially when I can do things like this.” 
Harry dropped to his knees, throwing her leg over his shoulder as his tongue hit her clit immediately. 
“Holy fuck!” Sasha cried out, buckling forward.
“No, no, no. We can’t have that, can we?” Harry stood up, looking around the room before he focused on something on the ground. “This will do.” 

Sasha’s eyes burned holes into him as she eagerly watched his every move. Harry reached to the ground and picked up her red panties off the floor, she knew what he was about to do next but she didn’t have time to object.
“Now, I could blindfold you but where’s the fun in that? I want you to see just who is making your body shake.” Harry moved closer again, standing inches from her naked body; she was desperate for his touch. 
“Ye-” Harry stuffed the panties in her mouth and grabbed her wrists tightly, forcing her to compose herself and listen to him. The roughness he displayed turned her on more than she thought possible.
“We don’t want any of your workers hearing you being fucked now, do we?” She shook her head.
“Good girl, now where was we?”
Harry smirked as he dropped to his knees once more, Sasha’s heel dug into his back as he massaged her clit with his tongue skilfully. She was desperate to cry out but it was impossible, instead she clawed his thick curls, rocking her hips so his tongue hit her spot harder and rolled to her perfect rhythm. Harry used his two long fingers to rub her G Spot as he licked her into a frenzy. Since the moment Harry had walked into her office for the first time, delivering a package in his tight black trousers and navy blue top she knew she wanted him, she just didn’t realise how good getting him would be, the guy was an absolute expert at oral. Opening her eyes to admire just how good he looked between her legs, Sasha noticed he had his impressive erection in his free hand, stroking himself while he pleasured her. This tipped her over the edge; she came hard against his mouth, gagging on the material that was stuffed inside of her mouth as she rode her orgasm out on his tongue.

Harry stood up when he was sure she was completely satisfied, he was still fully dressed but his cock stood proudly out from his unzipped trousers as he wiped her juices away from his mouth. He took the panties out of her mouth as she panted, her body shaking and weak, she struggled to keep on her feet. 
“Now I’m going to do what I’ve visualised about doing ever since I started working here.” 
Harry grabbed under both of her thighs and urged her to jump; he caught her in his muscly arms and wrapped both of her legs around his waist. The tip of his thick cock teased her entrance; she couldn’t help but beg him with her eyes to fuck her.
“Now, Sasha, as much as I want to hear you scream my name we can’t risk it. When you need to make noise, bite down on my shoulder.” 
Harry entered her with force; it took all her willpower to not moan out loudly. He kept still for a moment, enjoying watching her try hard to contain herself as he rubbed purposely against her G Spot. Slowly he began thrusting in and out of her as their lips met frantically. Sasha ran her fingers through his curls; her sharp nails drew deep lines on his back as she clawed at his skin, biting down hard on her lip as Harry pounded deep into her.


Suddenly he lifted her away from the wall, still inside of her he grunted as he moved her over to the desk, their lips locked together. Not caring about the papers all over her desk, he laid her back and climbed on top of her, never once pulling out.

“I need to hear you moan, baby.” He whispered in her ear. “Quietly.”

Harry lifted both of her legs over his shoulders so he was deeper than before.

“Fuck, you feel so good Sasha.”

“Harry, oh god…I can’t…” She moaned into his ear as she gripped his hair, she could feel pleasure build inside her rapidly.

“What baby? Tell me…ugh…”

Harry’s moans got more frequent, the old wooden desk rattled as he thrust harder and faster, all care about being heard went out the window.

“You’re going to make me co-“

Before she could finish she came hard once again, shouting curse words at the top of her voice and shaking profusely. Moments later Harry let out a loud moan as his movements lessened, he released his goods inside of her before collapsing on top of her, panting and sweaty.


Sasha sat on her desk naked as she watched Harry fix himself up, he looked as if nothing had happened only minutes ago, except for the fact his cheeks were glowing red.

“So, how are you going to explain the noise?” Harry smirked as he asked.

“I doubt they heard anything telling.” She replied, putting her underwear back on.

Oh Harry, Oh fuck me Harry, Harder, Faster, Oh yes, Oh fuck yes! “ Harry teased, imitating her voice so she threw a stapler at him. “I just hope you don’t embarrass easily because the office is going to be awkward for a while.”

“Oh please, I am the boss; if any of those losers think they can tease me they are fired.”

“Mmm, I love it when you talk like that.” Harry stood between her legs, his eyes fixed on her hungrily again.

“And if you try that again, I might just do the same to you too.” She winked.

“Here.” Harry handed her the dress. “You better put this back on because I’m seconds away from bending you over that desk, again.”

“Well you can save that for your next visit, Mr Styles.” 

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